Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hyperwebenable.com - Is this another scam?

Guys, there's a new kid on the block. Hyperwebenable.com offers you the opportunity to own your own website FREE of charge. For example you will get www.yoursitename.com instead of using yourname.blogspot.com or geocities.com/yourname.

Let me quote them here:
1. Become proud owner of your website www.yoursitename.com instead of using yourname.blogspot.com or geocities.com/yourname.
2. Convert your own blog (yourname.blogspot.com) to complete site www.yourname.com.
3. Create blog service provider like blogspot.com and provide thousands of blogs to the users.
4. Get multiple services like Blog, Forum, CMS and more.
5. Start your own forum at yourname.com and create best forum.
6. Start your or social networking site for your college or university like orkut.com/myspace.com.
7. Unleash power of website by using CMS scripts like Drupal or Joomala and start full-fledged content site.
8. Interested to start image galleries based site like flicker.com or imageshack.us.
9. Interested in news start your own social bookmarking site like digg.com/del.icio.us.
10. Start your own free wiki site like wikipedia.org with us.
11. Want to start your own classified site like www.craigslist.org.

Still using the free blog services

Convert your blog(yourname.blogspot.com) to complete website(yourname.com) for free.

Install blogs forums,wiki,CMS or your choice of script.

Get free www.yourname.com

I forgot to mention, they also pay $1 per referral that you send to them. I don't want to sound too skeptical, but this is almost too good to be true. They place 2 small banners on your site but I don't see how that will cover their costs in providing such a service.
There has to be a catch somewhere. There just has to be one.
I tried them out, and requested for a free website but till now I have not gotten anything in the form of a reply.

We need to keep our eyes wide open on this one folks, nothing so comprehensive comes totally free.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Financial Resources - Mortgages, Loans, etc.

"All the advice you need". That's a nice tagline. It belongs to a site called simply finance, one of the best online resources for financial products and services. I keep scouring the web for programs or site that I feel may come in useful to many people.

SimplyFinance provides information and news articles on nearly 50 types of financial products and services to help people make better financial decisions.
They assist you in finding best possible loan or mortgage broker, insurance provider, investment specialist, banking advisor or debt help based on your particular financial needs.

The site features financial news, mortgages and loan calculators, special offers for financial services and more.
This is quite a nice handy resource for financial services and for making decisions, particularly for people in the UK.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Money for posts

Hi people, I've been really busy with some offline projects, there's been little time for my beloved blog, and the pursuit of online earning opportunities.
A lot of earning opportunities have been around for a while, and among them, paid blogging still works well.
I did not want to write about this because I wanted to see where the trend would lead.
Funnily, paid blogging has survived. It is not as hot as it used to be, and there are more restrictions now, but then, it is still a money-maker. Some sites pay between $4 - $20 for articles.
Some notable paid blogging sites are smorty, blogsvertise, and payperpost (who seem to have had lots of controversies lately).
I am yet to form a really concrete opinion on any of them, because I haven't tried them out fully, but I assure you, in a short while, I will let everyone know what I think of them.